Play Online Blackjack in Qatar - Winning Strategies & Rules

Online blackjack is one of the most popular card games offered in a majority of online casinos. Its popularity has spread throughout the world, including Qatar.

Despite the strict gambling laws in Qatar, online blackjack enthusiasts can still enjoy a good blackjack experience in some of the most trusted online casinos. Our review will give a comprehensive guide on the various blackjack variants, how to implement each blackjack strategy to your advantage and the best blackjack websites in Qatar.

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Blackjack Rules

Unlike all other casino games, blackjack is not quite a game of chance. Players can actually calculate their moves and use blackjack strategies to win. Online blackjack can be played as a live casino game or a table game. Live blackjack has a live dealer who guides the game, while table blackjack is conducted by a casino software. In both cases, players need to play against the house instead of playing against each other. Popularly referred to as Twenty-One, online blackjack’s main objective is to beat the dealer in getting a card value that is equal to or close to 21. Depending on the blackjack variant, players can choose to implement the various blackjack strategies or simply count cards to win a blackjack hand.

With the right blackjack strategy, and the correct card counting blackjack systems, players can learn how to win at blackjack, because of the thin house edge advantage in this card game.

Casino Rule Variations & How They Affect the House Edge

online blackjack qatar

Blackjack has so many variants, each of which has specific rules for play. While some rules are fixed, others are flexible and can be adjusted by online casinos. This alteration means an increase in the house edge for these casinos. Here are some of the rules that, when changed, can affect the house edge.

• The number of decks: A decrease in the number of decks means players have a high chance of hitting the natural blackjack by the second dealt cards. This, therefore, reduces the house edge.

• Respliting rule: When players are dealt with identical cards, they can request for a split. A split gives the player an advantage over the house. It is for this reason that some casinos will limit your re-splitting chances.

• Late surrender: This rule provides the player with an advantage. If their first two dealt cards seem unfavourable to them. Then they can choose to surrender and lose half their bet, while the other half goes to the next hand. Identifying an unfavourable card combination early enough can save players from losing all their winnings to the house.

Player Decisions To Be Made

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When you play blackjack online for real money, there are decisions that you need to make to gain an advantage over the house. It is for this reason that you need to understand the fundamental choices available in all online blackjack variants.


When players ‘Hit’ they are asking the dealer for additional cards. You can Hit as many times as you wish until you reach a total card value of 21. In any live blackjack online casino, you can Hit as your live stream with a live dealer.


When you ‘Stand’ you are telling the dealer that you do not need any more cards. If you feel your cards are in your advantage, you can choose to Stand and show your cards. You will win that blackjack hand if you beat the dealer after a Stand.

Double Down

Doubling Down means you are asking the online blackjack dealer to add you one more card. This is strictly one more card. When this happens, your initial bet doubles as well. Therefore, if you win, then you will win twice your initial wager, and if you lose, then you will lose twice your original stake.


When a live casino blackjack dealer deals you two cards of the same value, you can request a Split. This simply means that you are splitting the identical cards into two hands.


After the dealer hands you the cards, and you see that you stand a 25% chance to winning that online blackjack hand, then you can Surrender. To Surrender means that you are folding your hand and save half your bet.

Practice - Blackjack Demo & Free Games

To be good at any blackjack online gambling game, you need to practice more. Learn about the various blackjack strategies and systems and practice them more to be an expert at the game. Most blackjack websites in Qatar have a good number of blackjack variants that lets you practice risk-free. You can launch the games in these blackjack sites and play in demo mode or play for free. Most of these websites give you virtual valueless coins to help you place bets. Using the demo play gives you a chance to enjoy any of your online blackjack variants without risking your real online blackjack gambling money. Qatar players can find these free games on blackjack websites or online casinos. Once you are conversant with the online blackjack rules and strategies, then you can sign up to play either table or live blackjack real money.

Blackjack Strategies - How To Beat The Dealer

Blackjack strategies will help you make quick decisions that you need to beat the dealer and win the round. You can use blackjack strategies for every hand that you are dealt to ensure that you gain an advantage over the house. Online blackjack has a lot of strategies that you can use to your advantage. Some of the most important strategies include;

• Surrender Strategy. Allows you to fold in on your hand as soon as you realise the dealt cards are not in your advantage.

• Insurance Strategy. This is one of the most risky, yet worthy strategies.

• Hit and Stand Strategy. This strategy allows players to identify when to Hit or Stand.

• The Double Down Strategy. Let’s player double their bets as soon as they realise the dealer is vulnerable.

Variants of The Classic Card Game

online blackjack

Online blackjack has over 100 documented variants that players in Qatar can enjoy. Each of these variants has interesting rules and a thrilling experience to test your blackjack skills. Basically, all the general blackjack rules are similar. However, the different variants come with a difference in the number of decks, payout variations and the game options may sometimes differ depending on the blackjack developer.

Some of the most popular online blackjack variants include:

• American Blackjack: You can play American Blackjack online at any online casino in Qatar. This variant gives you the advantage to play up to 5 hands at a go.

• Pontoon: You can find Pontoon online at a good number of Qatar online casinos. This a different blackjack variant that let’s make decisions blindly, by starting the game with the dealer’s cards face down.

• Progressive Blackjack: Gives you a chance to win a progressive jackpot each time you play.

Where to Play and Why - The Best Online Casinos

Part of winning at blackjack largely depends on the type of online casino you choose. Choosing a trustworthy online casino will see you receive timely payouts and a thrilling experience. Some of the top-rated casinos that will give you a good gaming experience and offer a variety of online blackjack in Qatar include:


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This is one of the most popular online casinos across the globe. Bet365 not only offers a good variety of blackjack variants, but it also provides a guide on how to play online blackjack.

888 Casino

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888 Casino has also opened its doors to Qatar players. The casino offers a variety of blackjack variants, and the best part is you can play them for free in demo mode or choose to play for real money.

1xbet Casino

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If you want to practice all the blackjack strategies, charts and systems, then 1xbet Casino is the best casino of choice. Qatar players who choose to play with this casino enjoy a safe and thrilling experience alongside a free play platform to practice playing the various blackjack variants.

Conclusion - Why Play Blackjack Online?

Blackjack online is perhaps the most played online card game. It comes in different variations and rules, and it is the only online casino game that gives players an advantage over the house. You do not need to be an expert to play this classic card games; however, you will need to learn the various strategies that will help you beat the dealer. In Qatar, casino players can also enjoy a blackjack experience from our list of the best blackjack websites on our list.


Buying insurance could potentially lead to loss of money. Blackjack insurance is a secondary bet that players make, when the dealer has an Ace face-up card, to predict whether or not the dealer has a natural blackjack.
This refers to any additional bet you place alongside your main bet. Perfect pairs and Insurance are good examples of sidebets.
Yes, most blackjack games are compatible with both computers and mobile devices. Such games include NetEnt blackjack games, which allow players to enjoy different blackjack variants on the go conveniently.
Some variants such as American Blackjack, Pontoon Online, Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack and Atlantic City are among the most played variants. They are simple, and they are available in most online casinos in Qatar.
Being a game of strategy and skill, rather than chance alone, blackjack offers one of the easiest ways to win. All you need to do is practice more on the strategies, systems and the art of counting cards. This will help you beat the dealer.